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Ways to Void Losing your Data and How to Retrieve IT

Posted by: admin, on May 8, 2019

Data Backup

Accidents occur everywhere, even on our phones by deleting data. That means that you should take the necessary steps to secure your data. The only thing you can do is to back up your data so that you can recover in case of anything. There are different ways to back up your data, depending on the operating system you are using and your preferences.  

  1. Cloud

Cloud is mainly used by apple users. Cloud enables data backup and restore at any time. To access this service, you first need to create an account. The account is encrypted with a password to ensure that your data remains confidential. To back up your data, you need to upload all files to cloud. Uploading can also be done for specific files by clicking on individual files. Bulky data is backed up by clicking in an entire folder.  To restore the data, you need to login to your cloud account. Navigate to settings then click on restore. You are presented with all the files you have uploaded in cloud. Click on the file you want to restore and it is restored to the folder it was before you uploaded it. That is how easy you restore your data with cloud.   

  1. Gmail/Google Account

Android phone users can back up their data by using their unique email addresses. Every Android phone requires the user to sign in to their email account. This is a requirement to access the content on Play Store. This account can be used for data backup and restore.  You usually synchronize you data on your cellular device with the account. You can also click on a file and select the option to back up using your email address. Once you lose everything, you simply log in to your account and synchronize your device with your email. All data linked with that account is restored to your device. Sometimes, it will restore everything you have ever done with your phone, including system backup.   

  1. External Back Ups

There are many external backups you can use to store your data. These include memory cards,flash discs and hard disks. When using these, you need only to send the data you need to them and store the storage safely. However, any time you have additional data, you must always go to send it to these storage devices. When you need to restore the data, you insert the flash or disc to your PC and cut or copy the data depending on what you want. Then, paste it in your PC. After that, you can transfer the data to your phone through an email or directly using a cable.   

  1. Printing

Printing is also another reliable method of avoiding total loss of data. Have both soft copy and hardcopy keeps you on the save side of not having a total loss. You may accidentally eras soft copy data from your mobile phone storage. Hardcopy may help you retrieve your soft copy through typing and storing again. The vise verse is true whereby your hardcopy data may got lost and the only way you can regain them again is through printing.   Conclusively, save your data in different way to avoid a total loss of them. Prevention is better than cure, so to prevent data loss find more different areas to safeguard and diversify your data source.

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