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Effective and Affordable Internet Fraud Protection Software

Posted by: admin, on April 25, 2019

Fraud Protection

Fraud protection is one of the biggest challenges facing internet users today. There’s no doubt the internet presents an unprecedented opportunity to millions of people and businesses across the globe. Through it you can communicate with people from any corner of the planet, transact business online, share business videos, photos, files and even make new friends (and even enemies, as we shall soon see) among many other exciting things. However just like any other thing the internet has its fair share of challenges the most serious one being internet fraud.

What is Internet Fraud?

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation defines this criminal behavior as the use of the internet and its attendant services or software equipped with internet access to defraud victims or take advantage of them. That’s not all, such criminals and their schemes steal millions of dollars, yes, millions each year from unsuspecting victims.

In case you or your business has been a victim you know the pain that such wasted trust can bring upon an innocent enterprise or person. If you’ve not yet fallen victim to these fraudsters count yourself lucky but on the flip side beware you are at an even bigger risk of falling prey to their scandalous schemes. Does this mean you or your business are helpless? The answer is NO, you are not.

There is a way you can keep your business and yourself safe from these greedy and manipulative persons operating behind the scenes. Before we look at how you can do this let’s briefly highlight the methods that these shadowy criminals use to defraud their victims.

Virus Attack

Just like a flu virus, a computer virus spreads from one computer to the next within the same network and it has the ability to replicate itself but it needs a legitimate program such as a document or file in your computer to attach itself to. Once it does so it steals your vital info such as passwords, logging keystrokes, data, spams your email contacts, corrupts your files and even takes over your machine. These can have devastating results to you and your business.

Scam Attacks

These are fraudulent means used by criminals to scam you. They can do this by phishing, in other words by fraudulently attempting to obtain as much sensitive information as they can get about you and your enterprise from your online activities. The criminals do this by disguising to be a trustworthy entity you think you are dealing with. They design a fake website and fool you to enter sensitive personal info into this site.

So unlike with the virus attack highlighted earlier, the cybercriminals here don’t have to infect your device with a virus rather you give them all information they need on your own volition. Once they get your personal information you and your business become potential victims to identity theft. This can certainly have far-reaching consequences on your credit and financial stability.

Malicious Attack

Unlike in the other two forms of sly fraud highlighted above this one is forceful in nature. Here the crooks try to forcefully abuse or take advantage of your computer whether through social engineering, computer viruses, phishing, etc. Why? The intention is to steal your personal information. These attackers can use a variety of ways such as Buffer Overflow, OS or Application Vulnerability, Password or Log On credential-guessing or cracking among methods to realize their intentions.

What does all this mean? These fraudsters are the enemies we said you can make online. And don’t be fooled, you and every other internet user are at risk of internet fraud. Does this by extension mean you and your business is at are at their mercy? It depends on you. If you don’t take preventive measures count yourself a high-potential candidate of internet fraud. What measures must you take to avoid falling into this trap?

NXTZENITSOLUTIONS – Effective Fraud Protection

Granted you are not an IT guru and you don’t have to be one but one thing is certain you can easily secure your online data and personal info by using the most effective fraud protection software in the market today.

NxtzenITSolutions provides complete fraud protection that totally safeguards your information, finances, and identity. Equipped with the best software you and your business will be completely safe from fraud irrespective of your unique system set up. NxtzenITSolutions experts ensure you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your system is secure, safe and tamper proof.

*Disclaimer: NxtZenITSolutions provides services for diagnostic and technical support issues for laptops, desktops, tablets and mobile devices. We are a THIRD PARTY solution and we are NOT AFFILIATED with any brands, trademarks, logos, or any other company names used. The brand names, trademarks, and logos belong to their respective owners and are for representation purposes only.


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